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Our client portfolio spans all sizes and industries, from scale-ups to global players in technology, cyber security, mobility and human resources to name a few. More often than not, we meet our clients at a stage when they have already crafted - or started crafting- their company and/or brand story.

Alcatel-Lucent Entreprise  


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a provider of communications, cloud and network solutions.
While the health crisis has accelerated the move towards remote work, ALE is ahead of the curve on hybrid work issues, having implemented a teleworking agreement as early as 2009. Fabriq suggested positioning ALE as an innovative expert on these corporate issues.

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In June 2021, as health restrictions at work were about to be relaxed, and employees allowed to return to on-site work, Fabriq wrote and circulated a proactive pitch summarising the issues surrounding hybrid work and offering to discuss the subject with Eric Léchelard, the company's HR Director.


As a result, this led to 3 great pieces of coverage:

  • An interview with Le Monde, one of the main French national newspapers

  • A TV report with France 3 Bretagne, with a shooting in ALE’s offices and an interview

  • A TV show in France 3 Bretagne, with an interview.

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