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Welcome to Fabriq - Anastasia

🎙️ In this episode, we introduce you to Anastasia, our Marketing and Special Projects Officer.

💼 And you, what was your first job?

What is your role?

I am in charge of marketing and special projects at Fabriq. I take care of all the marketing and projects that are related to the agency.

When did you join the agency?

I've only been here 3 months.

What is your field of interest?

I enjoy all things related to graphic design, marketing and content creation in general. I love being in marketing because I get to do a bit of everything, such as webdesign, content creation and everything around grahic design and art direction.

Who are your clients?

Actually, I work for the agency itself, Fabriq, I help my colleagues with client projects and last minute requests.

What was your first job?

It was a student job. I was a babysitter and it was more challenging than you might think.

Your best moment at Fabriq?

My favourite time is right now because everyone is bringing back treats from their holiday little treats : biscuits, sweets and chocolates. It really brightens up my morning!

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