Fabriq’s Listening Post #1 is out #TechnologyEdition

Because we believe that every company should live and take part of the current trending discussions, we developed a programme at Fabriq where we monitor the editorial trends to help us preparing PR tactics around our client’s related topics. We call it: The Listening Post.

The Listening Post is great to help us classify Past trends (Tired), Current trends (Wired) and Upcoming trends (Expected).

Monitoring trends also helps us understand how to treat them, or sometimes how to not treat them for the busy ones (as we’ll see GDPR here), or how planning them, for upcoming trends.

We wanted to share our findings with you. Hence, we’ve been very busy working on this first edition of the Listening Post report that you can discover for free. You just need to fill in your contact details (short version, promise). Here’s the link.

We can’t wait to know what you think about it and share our mutual thoughts on this.

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