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Is it utopic to have a good PR agency client service?

You might have travelled to Paris one day and wanted to enter a coffee shop and have a café on a terrace. There’s a big chance you’ve had a very bad experience with client service. It is the case in various places such as organizations, businesses, shops, etc.

I questioned myself several times. Is it really impossible to offer a descent client service standard to clients? Is it a French thing?

Then, you go to an Apple Store, a Starbucks, Luxurious hotels and shops, not forgetting several small boutiques. They are the proof you can get a good or an excellent client experience in shop in France.

Coming back to the café where you’ve had a bad experience, it could be mainly due to the responsible’s attitude.

We hear more and more PR managers from companies when they look for a PR consultancy in France, telling us they struggled finding a good agency, with a good standard of client service.

We believe that we could answer this demand. We’ve always did. We guarantee to each of our clients the following:

  • Reactivity: We quickly handle the client and journalist request

  • Proactivity: We keep an eye on the industry trends and work on how we could proactively come up with new ideas

  • Availability: If we commit to work with a company, that means we have the internal resources to remain available for the work to be done

  • Creativity: We always develop and think about new tools of communications. Proud of this one.

  • Expertise: When we tackle a new business sector, we make sure to get all the knowledge that needs to be for working in this industry.

These are simple points to include in a client service standard. The main difficulty is to stick to them and rigorously maintain it.

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