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Learning expedition à San Francisco

November 28, 2018

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Follow the Blue Rabbit: Making Narratives Great Again

December 18, 2017

We all know that there is a whole world, dark and dotted with obstacles, separating the needs of journalists who want to inform their readers and the ideas of communication professionals, scribbled on their little papers.


There is a solution that allows experts to develop points of view and comment on topics that may be of interest to journalists. This approach is called the Strategic Narrative.


To sum up the Strategic Narrative in a few words: it allows you to create content in line with the interests and expectations of the press in a smart way. It also allows you to have ready-made points of view. Be careful, there is no question of manipulating information or inventing concepts, on the contrary. It's about observing phenomena, pointing them out, and giving one's expert point of view.


American brands, such as Netflix, are trying very well in this exercise. Recently, they waved on the phenomenon of Binge Watching (#bingewatching).